Is Marvina a dispensary?

No. Marvina works with partner dispensaries who are ultimately responsible for procuring and delivering cannabis. Your order will come in Marvina packaging but is delivered by our partner dispensary.

Is this legal?

Yes. We’ve done extensive research and Marvina is in compliance with all California marijuana rules and regulations.

How do I pay?

You pay your driver, either with cash or credit card.

Where do you deliver?

Anywhere in San Francisco. Live somewhere else? Drop us a line at and let us know where we should expand next.

How does delivery work?

Marvina Boxes are delivered by an employee of our partner dispensary. Deliveries are scheduled ahead of time on You will receive a text message when your driver is on their way and when they are arriving.

What strains will I get?

Part of the Marvina experience is that you don’t have to choose strains anymore. Strain mix changes each month. Currently we offer two options: Sativa-heavy and Indica-heavy. For example, a typical Sativa-heavy box may contain 1 pure Sativa, 2 sativa-dominant hybrids, and 1 indica-dominant hybrid.

How good are the strains?

Great! You will only find quality strains grown with care in your Marvina box.